Do we even have the Christmas spirit in America today? Do
we even know what the real Christmas is all about anymore? This are
two of many question I have at this time of year, before it was not
about how many or how much it may have cost that matter. The past
years it wasn’t about the gifts under the tree it was about the
love of the family everyone coming home for the holidays. Handing
out the gift made by hand not made in China. Why is the joy of
Christmas gone so many people stressing at the best time of the
year? Because we put so much pressure on yourself trying to outdo
the other person, we live in a world today that if I want something
I go out and get myself I don’t wait for Christmas anymore. So why
do so many feel like they have to buy something that I can get for
myself. The real spirit of Christmas is about the love of family
and friends coming over a spending the day with one and other enjoy
the potluck of food. God was about love not about the gifts, you
give out of love not to help out the mega store who doesn’t even
know your name. They could care less about your family and that
you’ll starve tomorrow because you brought that toy that junior
will lost tomorrow or it even might broken. It’s time for us to
find the spirit of Christmas again.


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