Before I start what I am going to say is not about everyone for I know that there is many true Christians out there I have been really lucky for I got to grow up in a Christian home and got to see first hand what a Christian should we had nothing but gave everything, today they are very blessed in their lives but has so many do they lost the faith and started helping God out know they are still bless but not they could have been, that is a whole different subject which I blog about later. I have a sister and brother-in-law that to me is one in a million to proof that there still is a chance for in America for Christianity in this great nation I am proud to call home.

Now that I got that out way I can start what is really on my mind. I was watching a local news at work and a story came up that really touch me, this older gentleman that was home bound he just lost his beloved wife of 30 years had nobody that came to see him but just meals-on-wheels worker. I know that this is the time of year this type of story will be shown more than normal. I was seating there wondering if this father and a friend was really that bad that in his later years no one cares, has everyone he ever meet really just walked away for him. You hear of all this home churches that do great works over seas, what happen to the doing God’s work in our home? This man was alone not only for the holiday season but the rest of the year also. Where is his children did he have any, they never come around to see if he is okay or taken care of? Isn’t part of being a christian taking care the one’s in need and not just about the building the pastor of the church and size of the church. It’s about helping the ones in need, I am not saying to be a welfare case, because we hear of the saying give a man a fish and he eats for day, but teach a man how to fish and he can feed himself for years. I do believe that we will be a person of action for God to help you out. Even the children of Israel had to do something they just didn’t wait for the slavery to be out law. It’s about we became not only a group people to just pray that this change, but its time for us to stand up and make things change with the power of God behind us. That’s way I ask of where is the Christians of the world there is many doing great works now, but what about the ones that are in hiding in their homes or local churches?

Let’s make a difference again our founders made a difference by standing up and doing something about it, this how this great nation has done it from the beginning of its birth. This isn’t a nation of just one true religion it is about being a christian doing the right thing. Getting off our sofa and getting out to take of our families and then helping out our neighbors that needs the real help. Some might say how you can tell how really needs the helping hand follow your heart I would say and God himself will light up the path to that person you need to help. So many of us help out those we choice to help but that’s not the one’s God had plan for you to help and the blessing you could have gotten you shall not receive it. So let’s stand up fight and do the right thing before we wake up and it is too late it’s done we lost with even trying. So I ask where are all the Christians?


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