For new years I am going to not only change my way of thinking but I’m going to try help has many people I can to change the way they think about not only money but life also. Most of us need to reconsider the way we think about what we need in life and the way we handle money. I know for first hand I still to learn a lot about how to manage money to make it work for me so I can enjoy the life that is really the American Dream. I have change the many things in that area but have more to change. We need to think what can make us more money when we do something, let’s make it clear I am not talking about not going on vacation I’m talking being able to take a long and enjoyable vacation not feeling rushed to get back to the rat race.

First and most important we need to learn about compound interest that we all get to pay on the credit cards most don’t realize it’s a daily charge on the balance on the card. So we are waking up poorer then we were before we went to bed. It was the best way for banks to make them money they never had in the first place and it keeps us in debt longer and in most cases for your children to pay for us when we pass way. We need to learn to make the interest that the banks make on our money instead of them the banks. This will only happen when we first get financially educated so we can learn how it all works. This is the first step in changing the way think about money and how we spend it.

So the next time we buy a car lets look for a used one instead that way we get more for less. They have deals out there just because people drive them for the three years and turn them in such as find a leased car. That way the front-end cost is cheaper for you someone has already paid that they either lease the car or just traded it in for a new one. Never lease a car if you pay for it you should not buy it like said before find the one you want at a deal. Always find the deals and set a goal for yourself to get it. Life is so much easier when you don’t have to pay the note for five plus years. more ideals soon to come at a date, it all comes to change the we think and learn to make money work for you and look for the deals.


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