What is real change? We want the government to change but is that the change that is needed or is the real change is in the way we think about the world around us. We all need to change the way we think about things like retirement wealth in America is it for everyone I use to think so but I’m right to think that everyone can wealthy I first and most part wish they can be. Not everyone wants to do the work would be come wealth and found that there is happens in the middle class I just like to show them how to make the money they do have last to the end of their retirement. So let’s not think that everybody wants what we want and that’s total freedom.

I just talk to the one that is very important to me in my live I never know that I was putting so much stress in life her when I try to tell her what to do or other comments I should have never of said. I learned that all she wanted was just to listen just that easy I told her I would stop trying to fix every problem that happens I love her so I never wanted to see her hurting. But I was just adding to her stress, so what is real change the change we do inside us and the world around us.


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