I am learning a lot about a what real leadership is all about and wondering if there is anyone out there that is ready to lead? I believe we are living in the times where we need a leader, that can be counted on. I don’t mean the ones we vote into office because we all know they are not the leaders we need. What we need is someone to stand up against the media and the other nations who wishes to take us down. A real leader does not care what the others think he only cares about what is good for the team, and helps out everyone on the team. He is also not a self-serving person he knows when he must give up his time to be there for others. It’s not easy doing this because we all want what is best for our self. Being a leader is not what you get out of it but what you can give to others, I have also learned that it could be a lonely place to be. You must teach and show others what you know so they can pass it on. Not everyone can be a leader because it’s not easy.

I know that one day I’ll be that type of leader, I want to help the middle class to learned they can have the life we once dreamed of. That’s the other thing that I think about it is why we stop dreaming. With out dreaming we stop living and that is something I will show them it is okay to dream again. I am doing really good at learning to be able to this. And talking about learning a leader will always be learning because once we stop learning we stop growing. So let’s get off the sofa and become the leader that we have inside us.


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