Today at work we had a meeting with the upper management that tried to ease the low moral at work, we been working at low staffing for a while now and the think if they tell us some facts even if they hold water or not. I am thankful they took the time to speak to us, I just they would tell us the truth about whats really going on I know that most of it is out of their control they are just doing what their bosses want done. I believe they have lost what really is the problem the lack of recourse to the employees that don’t do their job that is loading and unloading the plane and taking care of the flying passengers. We all know that is what we do and agreed to this when we get hired on. We need to learn to be a good steward when it comes to the job and in return we need them to be a steward to us. this is God’s plan. I get really tired of hearing it’s not my job to do that, the other big problem I see is that so many are too worried about the other employees are doing and not doing their job. It is easy to when everyone works has a team to get these planes turned. I enjoy my job, it allowed me to see the world and meet so many wonderful people out there. I just hope they will learn to become the person that is inside waiting to be set free. May God bless everyone how allowed him to.


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