Have you ever notice that when you ask a question or even make comments to someone and the get upset with you? Is it because I did not ask it the right way or is it the tone in my voice I really try to improve in my life. I use to think maybe they should just over it and I know it’s time for me to get better in asking someone a question or making comments about what they have done. I’m glad that God has help me work through my low self-esteem and I realize that many people have the same issue.
When it comes to other people I seat a watch them to see what they think about themselves. The ones that complain about everyone else is covering up that don’t like themselves very much low self-esteem of the self and they have to belittle some else to up left themselves. And this is also my problem I would keep kicking and kicking until I would feel better or they would leave and never come back. I would say I don’t need friends; they just want to use me anyways, but now I know this not true. Everyone wants to be appreciated at every level no matter what it is they do. This is one of the area in my life I’m still working on, God has shown me they way I know what to do. I believe this one of hardest thing I’ve have to do. But each day and every failure I learn to make a difference in my life one day I will be that leader that God has planned for me, I see the path that I need to be on I am on the path I just need to change my shoes (my way of thinking about those around me).


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