Trust what is trust, do we really trust someone or do just hope and pray when the love one goes out of sight they will do what’s right. About when the sales man uses the words trust me do you really trust. I believe love is trust and you need trust in relationship, I’m not sure why some people can never trust others. It goes the same why some people cannot be trust worthy; this makes it hard for people who want to trust others. We live in world when you need a piece of paper to make sure the other party does not mislead us. What happen to the time when a hand shake was enough? What happen when someone who you look to for answers would tell you the truth? It is bad when you cannot even believe the doctor because he being paid on the side to give you medicine that you need. I wonder what happen to the trust in the family when Mom’s and Dad’s don’t even trust each other. When friends don’t trust each other anymore I pray that trust would come back to America.


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