I just took two trips this vacation one in which was the Fast Start School and the other was going a spending time with my love she is so wonderful, and misses the time away from her. What I wish is I can spend every day with her; it’s very hard to leave and go back to Houston the more I do this the more I wish it would stop. I’ve found out that I need to learn to see the other side of the story the words that I hear in my head (which is really called thoughts) is not always right and most of the time it doesn’t even have facts. I need to learn to trust her when she will never leave me. So this the area in the grow if I’m going to be a leader in the network marketing business people do try the best they can do, they just need to help find their best. So I need to work on believe with the one I’m going to be with the rest of my life she a wonderful woman and I have her love.
At the fast start school I was wondering why a couple was even going because they seemed to me that they was once again self serving which maybe I should of just learn to go with the flow because they might need the trip more than anyone else on the trip once again I should just grow in this area of my leadership because you never know and I could of ruin something big.
We all need to have someone that will believe in us plus we should be there for someone also. May one day we all find enough people to believe in us and in return we find away to believe on everyone we come across. As I seat in this middle seat heading I just realize it’s my place to keep my word and promise to her that I would always take her side the one thing I’m going to add to that is I’ll never look to find out if she is telling me the truth, because this not good it make God and her that they not worth trusting. Maybe this is why I have an issue in this area of my life. I believe that she is a gift of God so why would He take her from me. I take good care of her just like I should she my Queen of my heart and the love of my life I know this to be true. So it is time to grow up her trust her has much has I love her.
When I this happens with her and then can move on and believe and trust the others that I will be leading. Leaders are there to be there for other not to kick them when they are just learning the business. Business world has many great leaders it just needs more that follow the bible when running their own business and it grow large because God want great leaders to teach the next one to take the place of a leader the world needs great teacher also. It does no good to have knowledge and never share it with has many people who wish to listen to it. I for one will teach what know to be true may God help me grow to be a great leader.


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