There comes a time when we all need to stop worrying about what the other guy is doing because we all need to fix what is wrong with us. I have to work on letting things play out instead of trying to fix everyone’s issues it’s a time for them to realize that God is trying to make them a stronger person and if keep helping they will have the same problem but even worst this time. This is why we all have trial and error in our lives is so we can grow in the live. When we take that trail away we in up hurting that individual in the long run, this not what is God wants in this person live. I do believe in a helping hand can help we need the love of someone to get us through the rough waters of live, and yes we may even need a new boat to come get us. But at the end when we are safe on the boat at least we have learned some important. The trial and error are maybe we were not ready for the trip, or that we need a big and stronger boat but at least we learned a valuable insight to the problem at hand. This is true when it comes to our possessions, what is an asset and what is a liability? When does a house stop being a liability and starts being an asset? These are lessons we need to learn to have a prosperous life that we all dream of. It will be a painful lesson to learn there are people out there who can help you get to this point in our live by showing you a way to that retirement we all dream of and have you out last the money so you can pass it on the next generation or give to a foundation you believe so you we will be remembered for years to come. You just need to be open and ready to do the hard work needed to get it done it is like losing weight it was easier to put the pounds on then to take it off. My only thought is I’ve hear the pounds we put on faster than the pounds to be taken off is this true or does it take years of bad eat habits to make you overweight. This also they our finance is, it took years to get broke so why do we think it should only days to repair it? After all we are fixing the mind-set of an individual to unlearn what they know to learning something new.


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