What has this nation become a nation of whiners? After WWII we were crying that the Japans was taking over even after we bomb the crap out them and we helped rebuild the island. Then Mexican are taking all the jobs from us the jobs we never wanted in the first place working on the farms for less the min wage. And how the factories are going to the south in Mexico. And we are complaining that the China and the India is getting the factories. I guess if we would stop whining about everything and start working. This jobs would still be here, not going somewhere overseas to a place that wants the jobs.

Then there the issues of money, why are we whining about this. It’s not the faults of the Banks that we was buying more than we made. Don’t get me wrong the Banks have robbed the world of their money, they give you a tiny return but makes a huge return on the money they invest. That’s yours the money they loan you to buy the cars, houses, and everything else that we did not need or couldn’t afford in the first place. We need to learn how money works before they find other way to take our hard-earned money again. We to stop this whining and stand up a take of your families and your own futures. Be a real American a fight for Freedom. Freedom starts here today start learning what really matters your family is wanting for a Hero not a Zero!


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