I look around a wonder if the Christian in America would be so open calling themselves a Christian and dressing up in their Sunday best. Getting to go to a building called a Church that cost in the millions to build. Not fearing the chance to be killed because your worshiping the true and only God. I read about the killings going on overseas thinking to myself I’m blessed not only did Jesus die for me but brave men also die so I can worship the way I want to. May this is the reason in America we have become relaxed about the true meaning of being a Christian the same way we are too lazy to vote where overseas they’re being beaten or even killed for voting. Here we just vote if we feel like it. Just like be a Christian if I feel like it I will go to church or if I feel like it I will serve others. And others say if they like to forgiven that person I will. What happen if the one true God would forgive you if he felt like it.
I have always wonder about the all the freedoms I have and was lucky enough to be born in America the land of the free and the brave. What where are the freedoms of yesteryear and the brave men and women who would stand up for the rights of others. We go to church when we feel like it and I’m talking about myself here also. I found many poor reason not to go found lame issue not to help poor. Not given to the poor because that’s my last of my check. But in return I want God to bless me come on get real. Is this what he calls the luke warm Christian that he is going to spit from his mouth and say leave for I never know you.
It’s about we all got it together and take the blessing we have and do something about it and stop waiting for someone else to do something about it and even worst waiting for the government to something we all know that cannot get it right this days. Are we all so self-serving that we don’t even care about the others around us.
Americans are great and wonderful people and there is many true Christian out there who do what it was written in the bible many like me try to do the right thing. And there are those who will try to rewrite or reinvent the word of God to make them feel better or make God more human. We need to stop before it’s too late for all of us.


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