That is the big question this days what is a real leader do we even have a real leader. I’m sure there are many who think they’re a leader. But do they even know what a leader is, do they realize that leader are not voted into offices. So now you are asking me what I think a leader is and I will tell you a leader is someone who serves others without needing something in return. They also learn to make a friendship just like Jesus did with the twelve men in the bible He spent three years getting this men read to take his place. He got to know them more them just their names. Leaders learned to connect with others. Leaders will also do the things nobody else will do because it the best for the team, he will also find the one that is the hungriest to learn. A leader looks for someone to replace him when he moves on. This is my answer to that question, and I strongly believe this.
There are many in charge that is not leaders they are not going to teach others what they know in fear of them replacing them one day. Let’s not forget that serving others is beneath them and that for the good doers of the world. I hope and pray that one day I will become the leader that God wants me to be. And that is the answer to everyone question they also have what is the purpose for live that is to teach others and to serve them as God would. The most important thing for all us to do is to lead other the Jesus and show them the truth, save their souls. Then take the time teach them what is to be Christian show them how to pray and then teach them to lead others to Christ this being a leader for God.


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