I work for a major airline and we just voted in a union and now that we are merging, they’ve got a different union then we do. What gets me is that the ones that support the two union are tell lies about each others. Now let me tell you I have been with the company for many long years and we just voted in the this one union. We have a contract it may not be up to the power of the other union but they have been unionize for years. I think the unions need to look at who is running around telling lies, I for one will pick the one I trust the most. That’s like any other type of business we buy from the ones we trust and like the most. This other union has had a chance to be our union couple times in the past but twice they walk away from the table because they could not fight a good fight to help us to win. So we got the other union and the fought a tough fight and won the chance to be the union of ramp agents. I know this other union is make fun of the contact we have saying they could have given us a better one. Ok if this true then why didn’t they fight to win the election in the first place.
What makes me most upset is the same bull that is being said like I am not very smart and needs to be reminded they don’t have a clue on what they are saying please stop before you lose completely. Just the facts please and make sure they are true.


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