I sit here watching the news and looks like another leader that has ruled with an iron fist has been thrown out of power, the middle east is trying to become a free nations. I hope the best for them I also hope for the best of my country are in great place to live. I hope and pray that we find away to get back what we have lost our freedoms. Yes every time the government makes a laws that’s one small change in the freedom we all love and live for. Are we heading in the wrong direction when the rest of the world is looking for what we all enjoy everyday so much we just hand it over to the government because we no longer want to work for things we just want them to hand everything over to us. Just remember big brother will gladly give you what you want but what is the price. I believe that price is too high of a cost I want my freedom I’ll work for everything else. With freedom that is possible for everyone if you just get off the sofa and start doing for yourself.

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