Have you ever wonder why we go through things we go through? Some will make you believe that it is in the cards, I for one don’t believe this I believe it is in the choices we make. We have choices no matter what do, but is there only two choices the right or wrong choices? One person might think the choice you make is the wrong one at least for them, like quitting your job to follow a dream. It takes many decisions, to make things work in your favor not just one. We don’t get fit by just signing up for a health club or just going once in a while it takes many trips year after year to get fit. Plus we have to change the way we eat, also like going to the gym, you can’t do it by its self, or even the other way around like changing the way we eat. Even thou this by itself will help out just a little but put them both together to get the result we wish for. So when our friend relinquished a high paying job, did he make the wrong choice or the right choice to achieve his/her dream of a better life? Some will pronounce he/she made the right move if and only if everything worked out. But was it the choice to terminate his//her job the wrong choice if it didn’t work? Just one choice we make is not always the wrong choice, on a daily basis we make hundreds of choices that could have made the right choice of quitting the job to go get his/her dream to work or not. What we all need to do is keep making the decisions to get us to the outcome we want. So let’s keep your eye on the finish line and I will see you at the top.


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