What is going on with the Christians of the America why are we letting this small groups take the real meaning of christmas. This is getting old we all know that Christmas is about the birth of the lord and savior and not about the time and place of the birth it’s about the living God came down and became just like us a human.
I’m a Christian and he is also my heavenly father. So you can take all this stuff about we insult those who don’t believe in my God. When you look around you see the amazing things he has done and wonderful things he has done in people lives.
Why don’t they complain about the stores cashing in on Christmas gifts I never heard them say no thank-you for the gifts they receive at this time of year, so give me a gift but don’t call it a Christmas gift here’s this best gift of all and you don’t have to wait to open it on Christmas day. It’s salvation and the price was bought and paid for, Jesus may not have been born on Christmas day but its the day put to the side for rejoicing the savior’s birthday. If you don’t like it then just enjoy the day with your family or is it because you feel guilty. Is there a tugging at your heart that makes you feel like you are not in control of your life guess what you’re not in control, my lord and savior is in control of everything. AMEN


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