My Grandfather passed away this week which, when someone you love or even close to passes away it reminds you that life its self is a gift from God. In pass couple of years I have been on a journey to change the way I look at life and the people God has placed in my life. Everyday I make choices to improve the way I react to people and the issues that may come up. I am not always making the right choices but at least I have started to learn from them at the end I will be the best I can be.

I am also improving the way I see what life has to afford me make lemonade out of the lemons you get and now I’ll sell the lemonade to those who needs it. It also helps to buy the lemons from those who don’t want to be tought to make the lemonade for themself. Life is what you make it not what others make it for you, so at the end of the day life to me is good. We can never have everything go our way but the way we react to it is the most important thing to remember. So when we fall stand up dust the dirt off and do it again.

Do you remember being a child looking up into outer space wishing upon a star, what was that wish you wish that night. Have you achieved that dream if not why not. We all have something we wish we can do some people called this the bucket list, I think we should adding to that list every time we achieved one on that list. The most important thing to do is never stop dreaming and never stop working towards that dream, live your dreams everyday.


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