My sister had said this when was growing up together and I’ve read couple of books lately that has pretty much has said the same thing. This comes unnatural to us but Jesus Christ himself has shown us the importance in doing so when he told his disciples they must first love to be loved, first forgive to be forgiven. God himself look at Adam and Eve with love after they sinned. He was mad at sin coming into the world he has made not at the two that brought in sin. Yes they had a price to be pay because they did what they was not supposed to do but he still loved them.
What we really should do is love others and look at our own sin not what others are doing. Remember we really don’t know what we are doing yourself how many people have hurt or sinned against, and not even knowing we did. So we need to be careful what we do first when it comes to others. So if we don’t know what makes others any different when they do something to us. It takes a lot to forgive those how sin against us. Live life to its fullest and learn to forgive. Because at the of the day we hurt ourselves more, it does bug them if your mad at them because they did not even know they did something wrong to you. So let’s live to love others and look the other way. Let God take care of the sins they have done. If they do things we don’t like no one said you had to hang out with them just love them and pray for them.


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