Neither to the left or to the right

When it comes to politic I believe both sides have it wrong, the left side wants the government to hand out laws and policies, The bible never told us to seat and wait for your needs will be meant no matter what. Go and work and find the wisdom to get what you want and need. God is a God of wisdom one example of this when it was written give a man a fish you can feed him once or teach the man how to fish and he can feed his family. The one thing they come close to being biblical is feed and help the poor but I believe the church should be doing this. The other half of this political nightmare the right side of the road, they have it all wrong also it not steal from the poor it’s about help out the poor. I like that they support small businesses they just need to stay away from the corporations.

At the end of my blog is this BIG Government and BIG Corporations are all the same side of the coin they will take your freedom away has much as they can put your trust in God and take the Grace of Jesus this is the side road we need to be on for the gate into is Heaven is narrow for a reason many will believe they are walking down the middle of the road until we find yourself in a ditch on either side of the road. Remember keep your eye on the light the only true light Jesus Christ and we will stay out of the ditches of life. 


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