Have you ever wondered what is happening in America when it comes to it’s values and virtues, that we once had in our nation. Has our Churches became too religious and forget to be Christ like. Have we forgotten we were saved by Grace and to be a Christian we need to show the same Grace to others. None of us is good enough on our own to make it to Heaven, that’s why he sent his begotten son. Jesus lived by the law of Moses because we couldn’t do it ourselves and then the perfect Lamb of God paid the debt for us.
That’s what the gospel is all about God’s grace for all of us not just the righteous or the rich but for all us to be able to have the grace and the blessings of our heavenly father. We forget that Jesus was the friend of sinners just like he told the Pharisee the well doesn’t go to the doctor just the sick does. He was here to save all of us from our own self centeredness which is the root cause of sin.
How many people have the churches turned away from the Grace of God because they have become so self righteous to a point where no one can live up to those standards they have set. No wonder why the leaders of religion stumbles people judge them so harshly they set the standard and didn’t aloud God to be the head of their church and let Him set the standard for what is righteous. All through out the bible God has warn the church of their down fall and has punished the church for it. Because they lead so many astray in their holier then you attitude, making their congregation lost. Having those that are lost in Christ not wanting to find Christ because they feel like they’re not able to meet the standards of the church. The time will come for these churches to be judged for their faults teachings, there is only one truth and that’s the Word of God. Only one way to make it to heaven and that’s through Jesus Christ letting him say to his Father I have already paid the price him/her. That’s the true Gospel of Jesus Christ, giving up yourself so you may live. Help those in need where you can and stop judging them, just love them the way God loves you.


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