I wonder if the story of the woman that was brought to Jesus to see if He would stone her, what would of happen in today’s church would there be someone that would cast the stone or would they have walked away also. I see so many religious people so quick to judge others without even finding out the true story.
What has given us the right to say who is going to Heaven and who is not. Last time I look Jesus told us not to judge and then Paul remembered us to let God judge at the end because He looks at the heart of it, not the outward appearances. What I think we need to do is get yourself right with God and ask Him for guidance to see what he sees. You might find out one it’s not has bad has you think or you might find out you need to clean out your own house before you worry about your neighbors dirty rags. We has Christian need to look at the world has God views the world and not the view of the world. For God all things are beautiful and everyone of us is worth dying for.


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