Have you lost your passion with religion does it seems like it’s more work and you can’t measure up. It’s time to disbelieve what you have been handed down, and search for your own belief and find the answers to your questions. Christianity is not all about works its about the love and grace of God the father. Being religious is hard work and many feel has though they have failed or can’t measure up. But that’s the problem with being religious it’s hard and you’ll always feel has thou you’re never good enough. There is help for those who wish to lose the emptiness you feel with religion.
God has always told us if we loved Him we would search for Him by searching for his wisdom. Once we began the journey of finding our beliefs in Jesus we will begin wanting more understanding of his love and grace. Which you find yourself looking for more wisdom and then you read the bible not because you have to, but because you just realized it’s the greatest love story ever written.
Then it hits you that you can worship him any way you wish. If you sing, sing God the song with love and praise. If you write, write to God the praises you have in your heart. If you work with your hands build something beautiful. You see we glorify Him every time we use the talent He has given us and we do something in his name.
When we first become a Christian we don’t change overnight or our outer appearances may never change until the interior self changes first. Others or even you may never think we have change until one day you find yourself with compassion that you never had before. The real unconditional love you have when others have done you wrong. This is when realize God has been working on your soul. We must first change from the inside so it can be seen from the outside.
Sometime we might have to hit rock bottomed before we find the true love of God. He will use our weakness to show us His power. When this happens we begin to have our own beliefs in Jesus and his love. This is when the religion is push to the side and we begin to love Christ has he loves us. We also see what God sees in others there hearts not the outer appearances it’s a wonderful feeling to get rid of the old fashion religion and find your firsthand relationship with God.


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