I’ve been reading a lot of different pastors’s books, and there’s a lot of different viewpoints on what is our roll has Christians. How can something be giving out for free and then after receiving the gift of salvation and then it has to cost you to keep it? I am not saying being a saved you can keep doing what you was doing beforehand. Because I believe when you love someone you change for that person and so is true when you love God and believe that Jesus is the Messiah you will start to change for Him, and not for the people around you to prove that your a change person.

You love because He first loved you.
You serve others because He first served you.
You’ll also see the value of people just like He sees the value in you.
You’ll also take care of all that he has created because He created them not just for his pleasing but to please us also.

This are the things that starts to change inside you when you first become saved and then just like the one you love physically you start looking for ways to please them, and this what you doing for your Heavenly Father and you start reading his love letter he wrote for you. You start searching for his wisdom you do this freely so in my opinion is this not really works because you want to get to know your Heavenly Father.


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