~ I’m currently working at a major airline has a team leader which means, oversees the daily ramp actives, the main and most important is the safety of everyone and the aircraft.

~ I started my first business with Mona-Vie in 2008 to enjoy the real freedom of being a business owner. I learned more than I could have imagine. I learned what it takes to build a community where products flow through.

~ After listening to the TEAM, which Orrin Woodward and Chris Brady co-founders,they showed me the way to become financially free. I wanted a way to help the middle class of America to do the same even if they never become a business owner. I believe everyone can be financially free which in other words Wealthy, Wise, and Healthy.

I am a leader that keeps growing, I can build a network of people, and the most important one is I love teaching people they can leverage their time, and money. To be has free has God and the Founding Fathers wanted us to be.


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