Stand for the truth

Time for this great nation to stand for the truth or this nation will fall has all others have; Roman, Great Britain they’re no longer great. The USA once stood up for the poor powerless in the world, the problem is too many of its own believe they are the poor and powerless. We have become a nation of due nothings but want everything handed to us. Compared to the rest of the world we are still a rich nation, we have become lazy greedy people. We also have too much pride in this country we need to get over it, when we are on the right track the rest of the world will criticize us. So why are we lowering ourselves to be like the rest of the world, let’s get back the higher standers for the leaders in this nation. We have always been the light to the rest of the world when they are in the dark because of aristocrats or tyrant that has taken away their freedoms to be able to choice what’s right for their family, the God I believe in has given his creation the freedom to choice his/her path in life. We may never like the choices others make in life but we are to love those we don’t understand, pray for the wisdom to show them the true way, God’s way.
United States of America was founded to get away from the aristocrats and the tyrants of Great Britain, France, and Spain. So I ask my fellow Americans why do we wish to be just like this Countries? I say stand up believe we are better and bear in mind our money has the answer to turn this country around, IN GOD WE TRUST. I for one will always trust the one true God, for he is my King of Kings, Lord of Lords. He is my God, my Savior, and my Heavenly Father that loved not only me but the world he created, He proved this by sending his son to pay the price for all of us, we can never repay the debt and the greatest news is we don’t have to. We just need to believe/trust in Him that he did send Jesus to pay that price. Grace to those who don’t deserve it
John 3:16-17 NIV; “For God so loved the world that he gave his one and only Son, that whoever believes in him shall not perish but have eternal life. For God did not send his Son into the world to condemn the world, but to save the world through him.
We need to put the trust back to the one that can make a difference for he is the only one power enough to change nations and the hearts of men. Stop trusting this government and start trusting the one that has already proved His love for you the one and only Jesus Christ. Man will always fail you the government will fail you so why do we look at the government for the answer when the answer has been written many years ago, and not one promise has been broken. I pray that God will still Bless America even when so many have turned their backs on the one thing that made this nation great. God himself is the one who made this nation what it was and what it will be.


Neither to the left or to the right

Neither to the left or to the right

When it comes to politic I believe both sides have it wrong, the left side wants the government to hand out laws and policies, The bible never told us to seat and wait for your needs will be meant no matter what. Go and work and find the wisdom to get what you want and need. God is a God of wisdom one example of this when it was written give a man a fish you can feed him once or teach the man how to fish and he can feed his family. The one thing they come close to being biblical is feed and help the poor but I believe the church should be doing this. The other half of this political nightmare the right side of the road, they have it all wrong also it not steal from the poor it’s about help out the poor. I like that they support small businesses they just need to stay away from the corporations.

At the end of my blog is this BIG Government and BIG Corporations are all the same side of the coin they will take your freedom away has much as they can put your trust in God and take the Grace of Jesus this is the side road we need to be on for the gate into is Heaven is narrow for a reason many will believe they are walking down the middle of the road until we find yourself in a ditch on either side of the road. Remember keep your eye on the light the only true light Jesus Christ and we will stay out of the ditches of life. 

Hate the sin not the person.

My sister had said this when was growing up together and I’ve read couple of books lately that has pretty much has said the same thing. This comes unnatural to us but Jesus Christ himself has shown us the importance in doing so when he told his disciples they must first love to be loved, first forgive to be forgiven. God himself look at Adam and Eve with love after they sinned. He was mad at sin coming into the world he has made not at the two that brought in sin. Yes they had a price to be pay because they did what they was not supposed to do but he still loved them.
What we really should do is love others and look at our own sin not what others are doing. Remember we really don’t know what we are doing yourself how many people have hurt or sinned against, and not even knowing we did. So we need to be careful what we do first when it comes to others. So if we don’t know what makes others any different when they do something to us. It takes a lot to forgive those how sin against us. Live life to its fullest and learn to forgive. Because at the of the day we hurt ourselves more, it does bug them if your mad at them because they did not even know they did something wrong to you. So let’s live to love others and look the other way. Let God take care of the sins they have done. If they do things we don’t like no one said you had to hang out with them just love them and pray for them.

Live has thou you’re dying.

My Grandfather passed away this week which, when someone you love or even close to passes away it reminds you that life its self is a gift from God. In pass couple of years I have been on a journey to change the way I look at life and the people God has placed in my life. Everyday I make choices to improve the way I react to people and the issues that may come up. I am not always making the right choices but at least I have started to learn from them at the end I will be the best I can be.

I am also improving the way I see what life has to afford me make lemonade out of the lemons you get and now I’ll sell the lemonade to those who needs it. It also helps to buy the lemons from those who don’t want to be tought to make the lemonade for themself. Life is what you make it not what others make it for you, so at the end of the day life to me is good. We can never have everything go our way but the way we react to it is the most important thing to remember. So when we fall stand up dust the dirt off and do it again.

Do you remember being a child looking up into outer space wishing upon a star, what was that wish you wish that night. Have you achieved that dream if not why not. We all have something we wish we can do some people called this the bucket list, I think we should adding to that list every time we achieved one on that list. The most important thing to do is never stop dreaming and never stop working towards that dream, live your dreams everyday.

Vanishing Respect

Did you know that a little respect can go along ways in everything we do? So my question is where is the respect at? We hardly see it anymore being used at home, at work or even businesses wanting us to be there returning customer.
We need to start respecting each other at home first way is to teach the children the right way speak to the parents and the way parents speak to their children. Parents also need to show respect to each other so the kids can see the way they should be to everyone. Please we all need to be respectful to everyone we come to in contact with on our daily life because we could be the the difference in their life or just for that day. Respect goes a long ways and it cost nothing to give.

Why do we celebrate Christmas?

Have you ever wondered why we celebrate Christmas even when the bible never commanded us to do so? It tells us to remember Easter, the crucifixion and resurrection of Jesus Christ. So why then do we take the time for this season? One real answer is in John 3:16 For God so loved the world he gave his only begotten son for who so believes in him should not perish but have everlasting life. Christmas is the beginning of the promise, this little child in a manger sole purpose was to die for our sins. So we has Christian remember this wonderful birth of our Lord and Savior because without this day we would not have the Grace of God. He is the reason for the season, he showed us believers that you can give without love but you can not love without giving. That is why we give gifts to love ones and help out the needy. With that said let it be Christmas year around, give unto others and love one other has I have loved you, that my friends is the reason to celebrate Christmas.

Christmas what happen to it?

What is going on with the Christians of the America why are we letting this small groups take the real meaning of christmas. This is getting old we all know that Christmas is about the birth of the lord and savior and not about the time and place of the birth it’s about the living God came down and became just like us a human.
I’m a Christian and he is also my heavenly father. So you can take all this stuff about we insult those who don’t believe in my God. When you look around you see the amazing things he has done and wonderful things he has done in people lives.
Why don’t they complain about the stores cashing in on Christmas gifts I never heard them say no thank-you for the gifts they receive at this time of year, so give me a gift but don’t call it a Christmas gift here’s this best gift of all and you don’t have to wait to open it on Christmas day. It’s salvation and the price was bought and paid for, Jesus may not have been born on Christmas day but its the day put to the side for rejoicing the savior’s birthday. If you don’t like it then just enjoy the day with your family or is it because you feel guilty. Is there a tugging at your heart that makes you feel like you are not in control of your life guess what you’re not in control, my lord and savior is in control of everything. AMEN


The one question I have is sin being selfish or is selfish sin. When you stop and look at being a self center person you being to believe you can do things with god’s help. When you are so caught up in what you have or have done and never give God credit you’re being selfish and this is the start of sin. When you just think about money because you’re afraid of being poor, there many things that being a self-serviced person can lead to a sinful live. We are here to service others in the name of God. Love others has I loved you is the greatest commandment.

Resurrection so powerful

“Jesus told her, ‘I am the resurrection and the life. Anyone who believes in Me will live, even after dying.’” John 11:25 (NLT)
This verse is powerful it tells us what to do when the love we have for our companion is dying, even if the dreams we once had is nothing but a memory. All we have to do is believe that Christ Jesus will take what was died and make it alive again. That is right the marriage that lost its passion God can put the passion back into the marriage. What about the dream we once had can God bring back the dream the answer is yes He can even make the Dream come to live just hand it over to him and believe in him anything is possible.
There is many things we cannot do by yourself we need the one that made the heavens and the earth. We as humans believe that we are smarter than God we can do or have done it by yourself. That is the reason so many people are getting a divorcé because we took Him out of our homes and mostly our life. We blame Him when things go amok and we pat yourselves on the back when things go precisely the way we plan. He can bring back the trust, the love, and the joy of life back into your life and into your family. Put God back into our life and see the things that are died get a new lease on life.
Even thou he was died Jesus raised him from the died, let God raise what is died in your life just believe in him trust in him he will never forsake you.

Many decisions changes things.

Have you ever wonder why we go through things we go through? Some will make you believe that it is in the cards, I for one don’t believe this I believe it is in the choices we make. We have choices no matter what do, but is there only two choices the right or wrong choices? One person might think the choice you make is the wrong one at least for them, like quitting your job to follow a dream. It takes many decisions, to make things work in your favor not just one. We don’t get fit by just signing up for a health club or just going once in a while it takes many trips year after year to get fit. Plus we have to change the way we eat, also like going to the gym, you can’t do it by its self, or even the other way around like changing the way we eat. Even thou this by itself will help out just a little but put them both together to get the result we wish for. So when our friend relinquished a high paying job, did he make the wrong choice or the right choice to achieve his/her dream of a better life? Some will pronounce he/she made the right move if and only if everything worked out. But was it the choice to terminate his//her job the wrong choice if it didn’t work? Just one choice we make is not always the wrong choice, on a daily basis we make hundreds of choices that could have made the right choice of quitting the job to go get his/her dream to work or not. What we all need to do is keep making the decisions to get us to the outcome we want. So let’s keep your eye on the finish line and I will see you at the top.